The Mastermind for Women at Midlife ready to put joy front and center.

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Me at front door.JPG

Are you ready to describe your life as extraordinary, delightful, and fulfilling?  


I hope so because


Instead, are you tolerating a stalled career, or stale marriage, or compromised health?

Do you find yourself feeling stuck, lonely, bored, or overwhelmed?

If yes, you are the reason I have created

YOU: Elevated. 

Are you ready to feel energized by your work and passionate about your personal life?


Your Joy is not negotiable.

Joy at work.

Joy at home.

Joy in your body.

Joy with your money.

Joy in relationships.


But, so often at midlife we have been putting others’ joy ahead of ours

and find ourselves tapped out and lost. 

Enter in exhaustion.

Enter in obligations.

Enter in life long habits.

Enter in buried dreams.

Enter in routine.

Enter in fear.

Enter in your “should’s.”


And the result ...  areas of your life are low on joy.

Nothing is terrible, but nothing is actually extraordinary either.

And you feel stuck and not sure how to change your reality or if it is even possible.


Then the questions start …

Is it too late?

Would it be too much work?

Would I hurt others’ feelings?

It is irresponsible?

What would it cost?

And the big one, do I even have the energy to follow through?


What if I told you it is not too late and

I know just how to provide the strategy and mindset

you’ll need to make the changes you most want to make?

No hocus pocus. No Thelma and Louise moment.

Together we deliberately switch the questions to …

  • What is it costing to you to stay stuck? (not just in money, but health, compromised relationships, missed opportunities?)

  • What if you were just getting started? (Isn’t every day a new start?)

  • In what ways is staying stuck more work than living in possibility? (when stuck it takes energy to show up professionally, to be in relationships with others, to be creative with our money, to invest in our health, etc… When we live in possibility we are often overcome with ideas and dreams the energy naturally follows.)

  • What are the ways it is irresponsible to not live up to your potential? (how long a piece of paper do you have?)

  • How am I hurting my own feelings by holding myself back? (Your feelings matter as much as any other person's in your life.)

  • Who can I invite in my life to help me generate the necessary energy and commitment? (do you see me jumping up and down with my hand raised?)

Your joy is not negotiable.

Your potential is meant to be met.

Fear is part of any journey in change.

Embrace the discomfort on your way to extraordinary.


If you are ready and want to elevate your expectations, elevate your possibilities, elevate your community, elevate your joy, to elevate your life.

please join YOU: Elevated, the mastermind for women at midlife.

I know you. 

 You are an achiever.

You have played by the rules.

You are well behaved. 

You lead with responsibility, dependability, and maybe, if you are honest, predictability. 
Sometimes a bit of a yawn eh?

You take care of everyone around you. 

You are not alone dear you. 

It's time to elevate your expectations.

I know the idea of stepping deliberately into this next phase of your life may make you anxious. You may feel confused. And, you may worry about what others will think. 

That is exactly why I invite you to 

YOU: Elevated where you will be joined by other extraordinary women who are ready to be very intentional about their next weeks, months, and year. 

Maybe you are ready to shift industries.

Or return to work.

Or end a relationship.

Or found a business.

Or rebound from a lay off. 

Or go all in on your health.

Or begin a relationship.

Or make an impact in your community.

Perfect. You have found your

people and your path. 

You commit to your goal and the process.


And I commit to being your coach, teacher, cheerleader, challenger, consultant, and guide. 

What if your life was filled with surprise and delight? It can be.

What if your life were filled with fun and ease?

It can be.

What if you started  telling yourself a different story about what is possible for you?

laughing two on dock.JPG
laughing two on dock.JPG

And there will be an emphasis on delight

I find that most women who have stalled out have disengaged from fun and whimsy.

Personal pleasure is low on the list. 

This will change in this mastermind. 

We'll launch YOU: Elevated in person for a weekend of connection, rest, and pampering.


And through out our time together I will integrate pleasure and delight into our coaching. 

This is your life. 

Let's get in the habit of integrating fun into your every day. 

Dates:   September 2022 - March 2023

Launch:  Virtual launch Wednesday, September 14th at 1pm EST. 
We will have 3 live monthly zoom coaching calls. All will be recorded for replay.  Dates and times to be determined by September 1st. 

Bonus:  I invite you to Lynchburg Friday, September 9th - 11th, 2022 for an in person gathering of all those in the mastermind. This is OPTIONAL, not required to participate.  This is just a chance for me to pamper you!  You will be responsible for transportation and lodging and I will take care of everything else - nibbles, sips, laughs, activities, and guest coaches and speakers (see photo below.)

Cost:   $2997 paid in full or 6 payments of $557

One monthly guest speaker via zoom - also recorded - topics to include women's health, style, organization, delicious nutrition, and more!

Slack channel for questions, written coaching, accountability, and connecting with your fellow masterminders

Pre-recorded modules including topics on success strategies, overwhelm, feeling your emotions, creating an authentic voice and presence, boundaries, pleasure, time management, burnout prevention

The Details


Frequently asked questions:

I want to join, but I am very private. I am not sure I want to be coached in front of others. Will I miss out?

Nope, Nada. Non.  You never have to volunteer to be coached and I promise you will still greatly benefit from watching your peers be coached.  When you watch another being coached I will invite you to consider your current struggle and sub it for what we are coaching on. There is always something to learn in these moments. However, I would ask yourself what you are hiding from by not expecting or requesting coaching? Hmmmm.

What is on the agenda for the in person launch September 9th - 11th?

So much goodness friend. I am just crafting the weekend now, but so far I have three special guests confirmed.... 

We will be joined by two dear out of town midlife friends with whom I certified at the Life Coach School, Laurie Shopland from Langley, Canada and Tracy Hoth from Kansas City, Missouri. They will be teaching in their areas of expertise and also helping facilitate our small groups. And my longtime midlife friend, Monica Prahinski, from Lynchburg, Virginia, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, will share her health knowledge and host a cooking class. She is a world class cook and teacher! A few other surprises await. But know that every second will not be filled. There will also be time for dock sitting, deck lounging, hot tub soaking, walks in the woods, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding on our tiny lake, and rest, always rest. 

I may not be available to attend each of the live coaching calls. Will I miss out?

No ma’am. All lessons and calls will be recorded. In the 3 years I have been in groups I have probably watched 10% of the coaching in real time. That means I have spent 100s of hours watching replays. Always just as good.


I had been toying with hiring you for one on one coaching. Is that no longer available?

No worries mon amie. I will continue to offer one on one, in 3 and 6 month blocks. This is not a substitute for one on one, rather an enhancement or a chance to dip one’s toe in to the world of self development Kristin style.

What is the format for the coaching calls?

All coaching will take place on the Zoom platform. We will meet as a group, Brady Bunch style! I will coach live and answer questions from the chat box. 


Why do you call yourself The Career Coach for Women at Midlife?

I have been coaching for more than three years and a counselor for over twenty. And throughout my working life the theme of career is always present - from running employee career development groups at a University, to working in graduate school admissions,  to running a Career Development Office at a college to designing the first ever career development program for their alumni.  I love all that is involved in career planning, pivoting, and reinvention. And, I know first hand the impact feeling fulfilled at work can have all other parts of your life. So,  wherever you are feeling stuck, deflated, exhausted, seeking guidance I know how to help you. Promise. I have a particular expertise in high achieving women - imposter syndrome, burnout, hyper functioning, perfectionism, inner mean girl talk, worry, over preparation, people pleasing - are a few of the topics I have spent a great deal of time researching. But to balance that I have also learned a lot about self compassion, playing to your strengths, mapping out a career, boundary creation, time management, work/life harmony, career pivots, and building strong relationships. 

I'm ready to commit, but not sure I can join you in Lynchburg September 9th - 11th. May I still apply?

Absolutely, however, I would recommend doing what you can to be with us. There is no substitute for meeting your fellow Masterminders in person.  Plus, you'll miss out on lots of nibbling, sipping, laughing, resting, and joy. 


I’m intrigued by this mastermind, but my life is actually pretty darn great. Is this only a group for those who have a big change they wish to make?

No friend. So, if you have a great life (and not just on instagram) and personal growth has always been appealing to you, this is for you! If the idea of elevating your life sounds sort of sexy. Not change it. Not scrap it. Not overhaul it. Elevate it…. These are just the tools to get you there. Think of all the additional delight you can create.


Will I be buried in hours and hours of homework, videos to watch, and activities to complete?

Nope. My philosophy is less is more, but my “less” will be high quality. This won’t be like a Chinese lunch buffet. This will be more like the restaurant you go to for your birthday dinner. Refined, tasteful, and elegant.


What is the process for this program?

In order to elevate I will walk you through how to assess where you are now, where you want to go (it’s okay if you have no clue …) and how to get there.

I will share all I know from my 20 years as a counselor and 3 years as a coach. I will save you from reading all the books, listening to all the TED talks, and taking all the mini courses. I've done all of it!  And, the best part ... you will be in a community of like minded supportive women. I don't know about you, but I crave that connection more than anything else post pandemic.   I have felt first hand the power of being in a group of women, cheering each other on, watching others being coached. It is nothing short of extraordinary. 

When you fully commit for 6 months, do the exercises I offer, are present for or enjoy the replays of our weekly calls, and expect great things from yourself you will experience true elevation.  This is my promise to you. 

What if I have more questions?

I'm ready to answer them! Click here to send me an email and I'd be happy to answer them! 


Today is your before.

Let's create your extraordinary after.


Darci Hether

Interior Designer


Tracy Hoth

Organizational Expert


Laurie Shopland

Joy Expert


Monica Prahinski

Nutrition & Wellness Expert

Meet our guest speakers

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