You choose overwhelm by what you choose to think, not by what is happening outside of you.

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

I hear the word OVERWHELM a lot when I am working with clients. They say they are overwhelmed because.... 

"There is never enough time." "My house is a disaster." "I am totally confused about what to eat to lose weight." "I am always running behind." "I don't know if I should leave this job." "My boss asks too much of me." Most of us have been taught that if we can just be better with our planning, or calendar, or cross off more on our to-do list we can eliminate overwhelm. Big ol' nope. Know why?  Overwhelm is an emotion.   And emotions are created by your thoughts. Getting more organized is not the answer for overwhelm. Changing your thoughts is. 

The greatest gift I have received from being coached is learning how to manage my own mind and think on purpose. And that has come from being super aware of what I am thinking consciously and subconsciously. 

How I think, impacts how I organize my life. If a little overwhelm tries to sneak into my brain, I know exactly how to deal with it.  I get very clear on the words I am using. Does this sound like something you may say to yourself? 

“I have to get this report done.” “I have to cook dinner.” “I have to do the taxes.” "I have to go to the grocery store." “I have to run these errands.”

"Have to's" can create resentment and a feeling of being trapped. So, I have eliminated the "Have-to's." What? Is that even possible, you ask?  Yup. I invite you to too.  You are an adult. You don't have to do anything. You choose to do what you do. You don't have to pay your taxes.  You can choose to be fined.  You don't have to make dinner.  You can choose to skip it or eat chips. You don't have to go to his soccer game. You can choose to stay home and rest instead. Everything is optional.

"I choose" creates such freedom in my brain.  "I have to" creates a jail. 

"I choose to" changes my thoughts, which changes my feelings. And, when I change my feelings, I change my being.  I create more at ease. I create more in control. I become 100% responsible for my mood.  This changes everything. I choose to coach. I choose to write a Tuesday blog. I choose to invest in learning. I choose to embrace all that is uncomfortable about all of it. And, I choose to feel lucky that these are the decisions I am making, You?  What do you choose?

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