Change your focus and your world will change.

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

I never really got that before.  What do you mean by "that which you seek?" I wasn't seeking to be annoyed by my job. I wasn't seeking to feel undervalued in my relationship. I wasn't seeking to feel overwhelmed. And, then I got it. Even if you are only subconsciously looking, noting, observing ... You are in fact seeking.  And you are always the one responsible for how you feel and what you think.  The smarty pants call it confirmation bias. You are looking for someone to disappoint you and BAM, they do. "See.... they always do that." And, sadly you will always look through a disappointment lens. You are looking for a jam packed schedule with no time for a pause and lucky you, you create it.  (and waste time stewing about it that could have been used for the pause.) You are looking for all the reasons the wrong guy is the right guy and you completely ignore the red flags.  You are looking for why you have been slighted and you add to the list daily. You replay your stories.  You keep the movie going in your head. You look backwards, over and over and over.  Now, let's flip this on its head. You are looking for gratitude that you have a job, even if it is not a dream job,  and gratitude flows from every part of you. You are looking for time, for money, for love and around each corner you will find an extra five minutes, a $10 in your pocket, a smile you weren't expecting.  That which you seek, you find.  Your turn: Take out a piece of paper and write down all the good that has happened in your life in the last three months. Sheltering in place, and illness, and job losses and no toilet paper are not all that happened. Good happened too. What has gone right?  What new opportunity has come your way? What new friendship have you made? What new tech skill have you built? What new recipe did you try? What new trick did you discover to hide all the empty wine bottles?  What you focus on grows.  Change your focus and you will change your world.  I could talk about this all day. I believe it to my toes. 

  • I gained 8 pounds, but I also learned how to play flip cup. #win

  • I lost internet in my home office, so I spent most days working from my bedroom and enjoying a lovely view. #andmybedwasalwaysmade

  • I fell in love again with reading actual, real, printed books. #stepawayfromthekindle

  • I realized how much I love to actually hug my mom and dad when that luxury was taken away. #Lolaperfume

  • My husband and I started taking evening drives, like we were 80 and lived in 1950. It was heavenly. #auxcordforthewin

  • I got to know my daughters and several of their friends on a whole new level and walk beside them as they grieved, played, hosted, learned, and sulked. #sistas

  • We didn't go bankrupt. #piggybanksforthewin, #loosechangeinthesofa

Change your focus and you will change your story, your life, your world. 

I'd love to chat with you one on one about this concept. #seekingjoy

Your "seeking the wins" coach,



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