Tis the season for Whack-a-mole

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

But not the kids' game. Your real life.

Reacting, anticipating, screaming, sometimes hitting the "mole" on the head,

but often not.

And all of this does not align with the Pinterest version of your life

You know the one where you are calm, at ease, organized, creative, stylish,

sipping cocktails while elegantly laughing.

Nope, instead your life may be more about the sighs,

the restless nights, and the long to do lists.

And you are throwing in the towel.

I totally get it.

So, I made a gift for you. A way to create more order and calm.

This is a dip in the pool of what I do with a client when overwhelmed.

First, I invite them to log how they are actually spending a few weekdays and a weekend day. Then assess where they overestimate, underestimate, avoid, waste, and long for more time. It is often very eye opening, and sometimes embarrassing. No big deal. You thought you spent 5 hours playing candy crush, but really it is 10. You thought you exercised 300 minutes a week, but it was really just 150 minutes. You thought you spent a great deal of time with your kids, but really you were scrolling facebook while they watched a movie. You thought laundry, kitchen clean up and meal prep took 12 hours a week, but it was really only 8. You thought you worked on the report for 12 hours, but really it was 17.

Perfect and no judgment.

This is data gathering time.

No time for drama.

Once you see the facts (sort of like stepping on the scale or checking on your savings account, all neutral exercises until you have a thought about them), then you get to decide what you want to think about your actual days and how you want to feel about them. And, then ... choose a new thought and feeling if you wish to create a more intentional calendar.

You have 168 hours a week.

So when you tell yourself, "There is not enough time" figure out what that really means. Not enough time at work? Not enough time scheduled for rest, fun, learning, exercise? Not enough time just for you or for a certain relationship?

Once identified....

Then we solve for that.

The calendar is a great tool and the first step in reducing overwhelm.

But, the thought work is the secret sauce.

Without it, you may be giving all the responsibility to an app or a planner to solve "the never enough time" problem for you. That is never sustainable.

Ever. But before we can focus on our thoughts, we need to know the facts.

Stay tuned for the second part of this exercise next week. Thought work.

Your "we wacked-that-mole" coach,


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