The subject line read: I'm ready

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

It gave me tingles when I read it.

I'm ready.

A powerful statement.

This client hired me to go all in a goal that has been tapping her on the shoulder for awhile.

And guess what "I'm ready!" is?

A thought.

Not a fact.

She told herself she was ready.

And so she is.

How often do you fantasize about something you want to create or do and think, "I'm just not ready."

Guess what that is?

A thought.

Not a fact.

But when you tell yourself you are not ready, you won't be

And vice versa.

That ol' self fulfilling prophecy thing.

I have oodles of clients who met with great success this year.

And, each began by telling herself she was ready, however prepared or ill prepared she actually felt.

One wrote a book.

One created a business after being home with children for many years.

One returned to work in an executive role and has kicked imposter syndrome to the curb.

One is learning how to joyfully lose weight

One is learning to stop working so hard and invite pleasure into her life.

One is learning how to better pitch her newly formed consulting company.

One finally stopped wishing her work reality were different and low and behold, her work reality became different.

One has put an end to negative self talk (it's very possible.)

One got into her dream graduate program.

One stopped seeking permission from everyone around her to do what she most wanted to do.

And there are more and more....

But the theme is: You are ready when you tell yourself you are.

That's it.

It's that simple.

Not when all your ducks are in a row.

Not when your kids have been launched.

Not when you've convinced your husband.

Not when you've saved up.

Not when you no longer feel fear.

Not when you've lost the weight.

Not when you start working part time.


None of those things have to happen for you to be ready.

Thank goodness I told myself I was ready to become a coach even if the timing "didn't make sense." Thank goodness I told myself I was ready to get married even though I was rather young. Thank goodness I have taken jobs, had children, left jobs, accepted volunteer roles, left volunteer roles all because I was ready, not because it made sense to anyone else. I just decide and then prove that I was ready without having any evidence that I actually was.

The magic of thoughts!

I create ready with my mind.

What are you willing to tell yourself you are ready to do?

And if you are waiting for permission.

It is granted.

Merry merry.


P.S. When you are ready to tell yourself you are ready to create something new in your life, achieve a goal, return to work, leave work, improve your health write the book, finally get a handle on your time, give me a ring!

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