I love the word clarity.

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

It feels clean. It feels light. It feels, well... clear. And, it is so fun to help a client build clarity. Clarity around a goal. Clarity about what is making you feel dissatisfied. Clarity in a relationship. Clarity of where to start. Clarity of next steps. Clarity of what obstacles are in the way of your before to after. I also find that the more open a client is to looking at all parts of their life, the greater chance of success. The first thing presented is rarely the thing.

  • I want to return to work may more clearly mean I'm bored and want some challenges.

  • I want to improve my marriage more clearly means I want to feel giddy love for my man again.

  • I want to focus on a passion project more clearly means I want to put myself back on my priority list.

  • I want to lose the weight means I want to feel worthy and whole and beautiful.

  • I want to feel energized means I want to learn to say no without guilt.

  • I want a different life means I have filled my days with everyone else's agendas.

So, I've made you a quick clarity exercise so you can identify "the thing." Download here. This exercise will take you 15 minutes.

Take a look at 3 or 4 areas of your life and write down where you are in each. Then list what an end goal in each area would be. Finally, list all the obstacles in your way. All of them. Get very honest. And very clear. Then, choose one area. Create a strategy for each obstacle* Brainstorm all tasks involved. Write them all down. Assign each task to the calendar. Then.... get going! *Choose what thoughts to think and what feelings to generate as part of your strategies. It is not all action. Simple simple simple. While you will do this on your own, it does give you a taste of the sort of exercises I do with my clients. My next step would be to ask my client questions, challenge old thoughts and teach how to generate the feelings wanted to follow through.

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