I have told myself a lie for 20 years.

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

"Counselors don't make money."

And, I have let this limiting belief inform my entire career.

From admissions, to development to running a non profit...

I serve. I don't make money.

I hid behind this lie.

I always wished I made more, but did nothing to change it.

And, I justified my small salaries by repeating this lie to myself.

But, that belief is now gone.


And, you know how I ended this lie?

I hired a coach.

And, I paid her a shit ton of money -

almost what my folks paid for one year of college for me

and she pushed and pushed me to let go of that bullshit.

She did not do it by holding my hand.

She did not do it by mapping out my how.

She did it by challenging my thoughts.

She continually invited me to believe in me,

to tell myself a new story about my value and

the investment folks are waiting to make in themselves.

Duh... just as I had done with her.

And guess what happened?

I made two times more in the last 30 days working part time than I've ever earned in 30 days working full time in my entire life

And I made the money by serving -- as a coach and counselor.

Her coaching also made me aware that there were many areas I was wasting being confused, frustrated, powerless esp around technology. So, I also hired a strategy coach to untangle all the social media confusion in which I was swimming. Outsourcing all that is not in my zone of genius freed up so much time for me to coach and create and serve. Glorious!

I share all of this not as a money story.

Nope. This is a mindset story.

Once I identified and then got rid of my limiting thought I replaced that thought with complete and total belief, exactly what I teach my clients to do for themselves.

Reaching this goal was emotional.

But ... maybe not why you think.

Sure I felt pride when I called my husband to share my news!

But my emotion came later when I was driving to see one of my girls.

I realized I was growing into the next version of me

and a new type of role model to my college daughters.

I was now a mom taking risks, being vulnerable, and relying on my own brain to make money and serve others. I was a mom who spent generously on her own growth. I was a mom willing to figure out social media. I was a mom taking consistent action to make her goal inevitable.

I had become a new person along the way to this goal.

That's when the tears began to flow.

And immediately I felt an even stronger kindred spirit to each of my past, current and future clients.

Isn't that the purpose of goal setting?

To push ourselves. To seek discomfort. To grow.

To prove to ourselves we have what it takes?

I had stepped into my expertise and my confidence in serving others.

Every penny spent was worth the becoming more than arriving.

I am getting very clear that my superpower is helping career minded folks create systems and structure to reach their goals - professionally or personally.

I am a product of my product and deeply understand the value of a coach to fast pass you to where you want to be.

I'm here for you if you want to sample a coaching session.

The first one is always free. I am so grateful both my coaches, Samantha Siffring and Jim Shopland invested time in me before I invested in them. Coaching is no joke. Taking the leap is no joke. Connecting first can be just what you need to feel more confident that it is time for you to reach that goal that is tapping you on the shoulder, that surfaces at the oddest time, that takes center role in your day dreams, or that is yet undefined, but ready to be revealed.

Are you ready to up your game?

Ready to show yourself and those you love that you are not standing on the sidelines any more?

Contact me if you'd like to learn more.

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