Being honest with yourself about how you feel is just the awareness needed to grow/change.

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

How are you doing?


Like... how you are really doing?

Are you tolerating your days?

Dreading your days?

Embracing your days? 

Are you learning a lot about yourself? 

Do you like what you are learning? 

For me, some yes some no.

I am still trying to track weekly wins so I don't just let the weeks melt together. 

But, my standards for wins is really dropping.

Here is my list of "wins" for this week:

  • I haven't gained the Covid 20, yet.

  • I am not worried that our pets have gained the Covid 20.

  • I'm still married.

  • I'm not an alcoholic, yet.

  • I was resourceful and cut my own bangs.

  • There's been no need to bury any dead bodies in our backyard, yet.

  • We aren't bankrupt, yet.

  • I ate all of Lisi's biscotti, again. And loved every bite. No shame. 

  • I took five showers. 

  • I watched one hour of the NFL draft and pretended to be really into it. 

  • I wore a pair of jeans for like 3 hours. 

  • I let myself have a good long cry. Like the ugly kind. 

  • And then I slept 12 hours that night. Heaven.

  • I showed myself grace for all that I am not doing, all the ways I am not winning, producing, improving, serving, giving, attentive, patient. 

  • We celebrated Anna Kate's 19th birthday, full on. 

Here's where I did not win:

  • Judging all the people who are judging #ironic

  • Having no compassion for the losers with no compassion #fail

  • My bangs didn't turn out so well. (Julie I miss you!)

  • Acting superior to all those who are being critical & intolerant #immature

  • Barely answering any non-work emails or texts. #lowenergy

  • Barely moved my body. Just two days instead of the five I had promised myself I would. #lazy

  • Snapping at my kids #impatient

  • Ignoring my husband #selfish

  • Getting my girls to actually read books #grrrrr

  • Waiting too long to have that ugly cry. i resisted what I was really feeling. The opposite of what I teach my clients.  #sillyme

Tag, you are it.

Where did you win this week?

Where did you not win, but learned more about yourself? 

Wait... let me read that again.

That would also be a win wouldn't it?

Learning about yourself... 

So maybe everything is a win if awareness is the outcome. 

Hmmm....I like that. 

I see me in all my humanness.

I see you in all your humanness.

Big hugs you dear human,

You are winning. You really are. 

Your awareness coach,


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