Are you nourishing or numbing?

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

You have taxes to organize, but instead you watch four hours of Schitt's Creek (guilty)

You have a house to clean, but instead you do just one more crossword puzzle (guilty here... are you peeking through my window?)

You are angry with your partner so you binge on complaining about them to a "supportive" ear. (old me)

You are lonely, so you drink a bottle of wine. (done that)

You are exhausted, so you go to bed early. (working on that)

You have some career confusion, so you clean out a closet. (old me)


No blame or shame.

Just become aware.

Sometimes it can even be both.

A bit nourishing, and a bit numbing.

2020 involved a lot of numbing for me.

2021 will be a lot about nourishing.

And the difference will be in my awareness.

And my commitment.

Taking a pause between the urge to do something and

then actually doing it is my strategy.

I got really good at telling myself something was nourishing

(aka fun, useful, worth it, thoughtful, sexy, bonding )

until I started "over'ing" it ....

instagram shopping, wine drinking, staying up late,

cheese and cracker dinners, working on my business "tomorrow..."

I was on to myself, but not willing to admit it.

So 2021 is about getting very vulnerable ...

with myself and my coach.

I don't lie to anyone (well except when I find myself people pleasing)

i don't make excuses to anyone else.

Please... I am a woman of integrity.

But, damn I can lie to myself and make excuses.

And because neither involve crystal meth or bankruptcy

they often go unnoticed to everyone, but me.)

So if you are wondering which you do more of,

here's a shortcut definition:

You are nourishing if you engage in the behavior and

you are fully present for the activity, the sip, the taste, the sweating and it creates a result you want in your life.

You are numbing if the activity ends,

the bottle is gone, the pint is empty, the receipt is in your in-box, and

you wonder what just happened. You were in a fog (or as one of my clients taught me... had a case of the "fuck-its.")

The result is not one you want. (or doesn't move you closer to your goals, physical, emotional, spiritual, financial... )

But, good news... you are not a victim to this fog thinking.

Next time,

before you start to scroll,

before you click power on,

before you open the wine,

before you unwrap the chocolate,

ask yourself...

Is this activity I am choosing going to nourish me or numb me?



Breathe in.

Really consider your options.

And, either answer can be a winner.

Just make sure you know the answer BEFORE you begin.

And, you like your reasons for choosing that answer.

If you find you are answering "numb me" and you don't want to go numb, set up an automatic Plan B - pet the dog, chat with a friend, go on a walk, put on a favorite song, leave the kitchen, get a piece of gum, do 5 jumping jacks (unless like me you need to wear a diaper if you do these...)

Notice your thought when you choose nourish.

Notice how nourish feels. Assuming it feels good....

Run toward more of those.

Your coach who is aspiring to be primarily nourishing herself.

(Sorry China for the money lost now that I don't instagram shop.)


P.S. But we needed the Covid shaped ice cube trays and the "Ew David" hats and the backing that lifts your sagging earrings... Come on sista... tell me you can relate to these?

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