Are you giving yourself some grace? Sometimes doing okay is good enough.

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Are you giving yourself some grace?

2 months ago were you fantasizing about being your child's teacher, chef, laundress, entertainment, coach, and safety patrol? 

2 months ago did you lay awake at night worrying about your finances or your parents or if you have enough food in your freezer?

2 months ago were you glued to the news, your twitter feed, facebook, and instagram?

Yeah, me neither.

But, so it is.

And now here we are ... 2 months later.


And, some days...

I feel all cray cray in the head about our world's situation.

And, I don't always act like a mature adult

(even if only in my thoughts).

And, I let my mind go to the worst case scenarios.

And, I judge myself. 



Have you lost your patience?

Have you yelled more than usual?

Have you overeaten?

Did you make your child a chore list 1 mile long?

Did you roll your eyes 17 times?

Did you say something snarky? 

Did you serve cereal for dinner? or nothing for dinner? 

(and make it very clear nothing was being served.)

Yeah, I might have too.

But instead of beating myself up,

I have decided to think this thought over and over and over:

Doing okay is good enough right now. 

I may be winning just by being:

An okay mom, 

An okay wife.

An okay employee.

An okay daughter.

An okay friend.

In fact, okay may be damn near killing it.

When I think this thought I feel content.

When i think this thought I relax.

When I think this thought I show myself grace.

2 months from now will you pat yourself on the back? 

2 months from now will you congratulate yourself for how you managed?

2 months from now, having been okay will have been enough. 



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