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Create a life by design, not by default.

Are your twenties a little

different than you envisioned?

Did you have visions of big paychecks,

roof top bars, a fulfilling job, feeling like you belong in the adult world, dating men, not boys, and glorious independence?


Thought so, but can I

read your mind for a second? 

Are you thinking...
"That is so not how it is playing out."


 And you spend your time overthinking, spinning in confusion, comparing, stalled,

and questionning your decisions. 


Let's just acknowledge how much stress, anxiety and worry this creates. 

Your twenties are filled with a shit ton of transitions.  
Choosing a path.

College to graduate school or finding a job.
Choosing a career.
Finding a different job.
Managing your time.
Dealing with co-workers you don't like.
Navigating the dating world.
Finding housing.
Managing finances.
Getting to know a new city.
New roommates.
Paying off student loans.

Missing college.

Maybe bouncing back to your parents.
Learning how to live within a budget.
Making new friends.


And I bet you can add to this list. 

Basically you are shifting your identity from being a student or new graduate to being a fully independent adult

And the more equipped you are at designing your life versus living by default, the better you will be able to manage these stresses and transitions.


Are you ready to learn how to do this? 

If yes, 

I have the most delicious offer for you. 

I am a confidence coach for women of all ages. 
And, I have a super soft spot for


(but I like to call you twenty-everythings!)
I was one. Duh. 
I have two, 20 and 22. 
I am friends and an auntie to many.
And many of my jobs have been about serving this exact group. 


That is why I am launching 
a 6-week class and group:
"Designing your Twenties"


This is open to any woman in her twenties.

We'll talk about being deliberate with your relationships, community, calendar,

finances, health, and career. 



Here's how it will work:


We will begin meeting via zoom

Tuesday, November 23rd at 7pm ETD
(then, Nov 23, 30, Dec 7, 14, 21, 28)
It will be $100. 

(I know... a bargain... I am committed to you getting a taste of coaching and new tools in your purse!)

We will be a closed group and meet via zoom. 
This will not be a class. It will be a community. 


This will be about support, ideas, coaching, brainstorming together, humor, and plenty of belonging. It will be like a virtual tailgate or party on my deck or around our fire pit. Feel free to drink your wine while we connect. 

Each Sunday the group will receive a short 10-15 minute video on one of the six topics:

  • relationships

  • career/purpose

  • belonging/community

  • finances/debt/your money story

  • mental and physical health/emotional wealth, and

  • time management


Then we will come together on zoom to coach, share, connect on that topic each Tuesday, at 7pm ETD for one hour. 

During the call you can volunteer to be coached or simply stay silent and watch others being coached. I promise, either way, you grow.  The call will be recorded and stored in a password protected site for replay


You will look at this as the highlight of your week, not a must do...  Promise. Sort of like you look forward to Bachelor in Paradise. But, not with as many swimsuit scenes.


You will enter 2022

with a whole new set of tools


And, invite your friends to join our fun. 

Questions? Let's chat.

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