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"What is wrong with me?" 

used to be the question I would play on repeat. 

I was smack dab in midlife and to the outside world,

all was well.

I had a lovely marriage, dear children, fun friends, a strong family life and yet....

I was not fulfilled.  In fact, I was bored.  And I felt guilty. Relate yet?

Why can't I just be content with what I have and not seek more?

I kept thinking if only my town were different, or my husband were different,

or the job market were different, or our finances were different

then I wouldn't feel this way. 

All excuses, but I didn't know that. 

Textbook overwhelm and midlife confusion.

I became a puzzling combination of action and inaction.

I began engaging less with those around me. 

Sleeping more.

Eating more.

Drinking more. 

And running in circles to solve for feeling stuck.

While also getting busy...

I volunteered more.

I kept changing jobs.

I planned getaways.

I tried tennis. I tried bridge (stop laughing...). 

I read lots of books.... 

Everything worked, for a minute or two. 

But nothing worked for good. 

And I still felt resentment and unhappy and tired. 

I felt overwhelmed and confused. 

Now I know why, but then I had no idea and I thought...

This is it Kristin.

You better get over yourself and figure out how to be content.

And, then ... like out of a movie when the fog lifts

and the lovers run into each others arms in slo mo...

I found coaching. 

And, coaching was the game changer. 

I stopped leaning on changing anything outside of me to feel fulfilled.

A job, a house, a person, our finances, so I could feel better.

I learned that I alone could create better, fulfilled, happy, content

and still want more. And that was okay. 

I also realized it was safe to want more and be more. 

But this time when I "wanted more" it was to add to my life,

not to solve for anything lacking. 

I almost felt like I had found the short cut to getting unstuck.

Receiving coaching was so powerful that I decided to become a coach. 

And now, I bring all I have learned to every interaction with a client.


The personal details... 

I am a  married woman of 29+ years and the proud

mom of two grown daughters. 

I earned my undergraduate degree from Smith College at 21. At 30 I earned my Masters in Educational Counseling from The University of Virginia. As I approached fifty I became certified as a Life Coach through the Life Coach School (LCS). And after turning fifty-three I added a Leadership Certification (LCS)

to my tool box. I don't plan to stop learning. 

My professional experience has focussed on many areas of education, non profit leadership, and human resources. I have worked in all levels of admissions: from K-8 , college to graduate school admissions and dipped my toe in college development and alumni affairs. I was the Executive Director of a Non Profit for grieving families and the Head of a Human Resources office for a Psych Hospital. 

I love being in growth minded communities

But, none of my background matters as much as my finely tuned intuition, ability to hear what you are not saying, natural gift for enthusiasm and encouragement, and my sincere love for each woman with whom I work. 

Who cares where I was schooled, certified, or employed if I can't competently walk you through your midlife planning with confidence, ease, and fun? 

And I can. 

For sure. 

Pinky promise. 

Everything I have ever done, learned, experienced

shows up in my work with you. 

For the extras: I geek out on personal development, TED talks, crossword puzzles, my family and ... want to see a pic of my three pets?? 


I have a whole new wave of confidence in who I am and what I want in my life.

I also worry so much less.

The “thoughts first” approach was different

than the self improvement ideas I was familiar with

and proved immediately effective.


My life is truly different. Thank you. 


Self-employed Financial Advisor.