The Mastermind for Women at Midlife


The Mastermind for Women at Midlife ready to put joy front and center. 

Midlife is the time to embrace that "one day" is today.

You have a goal you wish to achieve. A shift you wish to make. A habit you wish to break or begin. Or maybe change has been forced on you. No matter, you know to your toes that being in a community of equally eager women, with accountability, inspiration, strategy, coaching, laughter, and support will better insure that your "one day" becomes a reality. 

You are not wrong.
There is an energy like no other in a mastermind. 

You have earned wisdom and developed a sense of self. You are young enough to still create, shift, grow, and reinvent and yet old enough to let go of what others are thinking (most of the time...)  You have experienced disruption and survived.  You are committed to making an impact. 

What a glorious time of life.

But, even with this awareness it doesn't mean that there aren't parts of your life where you are settling, stuck, or on autopilot.  And you are ready to get honest with yourself that the road ahead is not as long as it used to be.  This is exactly why I designed YOU: Elevated. Through strategy, coaching, and mindset work you will learn how to remove the obstacles getting in your way and map out a path to your "one day." 

The impact of this work will be an elevated life. However you define elevated. And, in whatever area you wish to elevate.




 What you can expect from YOU: Elevated

Elevated thoughts that will lead to ... 
Elevated self awareness.
Elevated expectations.
Elevated wellness.
Elevated performance, at work, at home, in your community. 
Elevated relationships.


I think I may know you. 

You have played by the rules. You are smart. You are well behaved. You lead with responsibility, dependability, and maybe, if you are honest, predictability. You mostly put others first. Sometimes life can feel like a bit of a yawn eh? You are used to settling in certain areas of your life, but you justify it. You hold your tongue. And, you have convinced yourself you are happy. At least happy enough. (If I am reading your mind it is because I may have been you just a few years ago.)

None of this is a problem, but maybe life has presented you with the need to push the limits of your life just a bit? Or maybe a day dream has.  If this sounds scary that is a sign that something is stirring in you. A desire you can't deny. This need not lead to your own Thelma and Louise moment, but it could involve some of that same self love and honesty. (and pure delight!)

If this is you, I invite you to dip your toe into learning more about YOU: Elevated, the program I have designed for women at midlife to learn how to master their mind so they can soar. Create true happiness. Elevate. 

I know you may be telling yourself you are not feel ready. You may worry about what others will think. And these may be habits, patterns you've practiced for year. Waiting.  How is that serving you? 

Today is your "one day."


Here is a sampling of the questions you will begin to ask yourself:

  • What if I no longer feared failing?
  • What if I am more capable of changing than I ever realized?
  • What if it is safe to reveal my deepest desires?
  • What if getting unstuck weren't just possible, but inevitable?
  • What do I believe about myself that may be keeping me stuck? 
  • What if I let go of the part of me that keeps judging myself and others?
  • What if I stopped beating myself up? second guessing? regretting?
  • What if I learned how to turn the volume down on my saboteurs?

YOU: Elevated

the mastermind for women at midlife

Elevate your mindset. Elevate the way you treat yourself. Elevate the way you think about yourself
Elevate your clarity. Elevate your mood. Elevate your life.


YOU: Elevated will teach you how to master your mind in order to create the results you most want

The process I guide you through is simple, but not easy. First we learn what belief soundtrack is playing in your brain that is informing all of your actions. Thoughts like It's too hard, It's too late, It's too risky, It's selfish. You'll probably fail. I shouldn't be in this place. They may sound like the truth, but they are actually quietly sabotaging what you most desire. And, it is just these type of thoughts that create self judgment, self doubt, fear, excuses, and stuck. I assure you that no matter what actions you take to elevate your midlife won't be sustainable until you learn how to quiet these enemy thoughts.

Through a mixture of cognitive behavior therapy techniques and positive intelligence you will learn how to rewire your brain, tame your saboteurs, and learn how to intentionally choose thoughts and create feelings that fuel you and create your most desired results. 

When our thoughts change our lives change. This is not woo, it is neuroscience in lay woman's terms. It is through awareness, learning tools and practicing them that your life will change.  Guaranteed.  Your investment: 5 hours a week. 

5 hours a week to create an unburdened brain.
5 hours a week to tame all the judging.
5 hours a week to maximize your midlife.

Today is your "one day."

And there will be
an emphasis on delight.

I find that most women who have stalled out have disengaged from fun and whimsy. With all the "should'ing" and worry and judging personal pleasure has become low on the list. 

This will change in this mastermind.

I will integrate pleasure and delight into our coaching. 

Let's get in the habit of integrating fun into your every day. 

Today is the day to start living a life of delight. Today is "one day.'

The Details

Dates:  March 20, 2023 - June 19, 2023, all virtual,  (there will be no class May 15 or 29)

Cost: $1,499 paid in full or 3 payments of $550

Coaching: 12 live weekly zoom coaching calls. I will poll our group once set to decide what time works best for everyone. I am open to days and evenings. And, if the group is large enough and we need two time options, I will provide this. Don't let the time be your excuse for not joining. This is very solvable. All calls will be recorded and posted to our private page on my website.  

Your time investment: 5 hours a week, one hour live coaching, one hour pre-recorded lesson, 15 minutes of daily practice, 10 minutes of daily thought downloads

BONUS: The entire 6 week POSITIVE INTELLIGENCE PROGRAM (a $1,000 value if you were to buy it on your own) will be incorporated into the middle of this mastermind. (click on PROGRAM to learn more.)

​A private on-line community, written coaching, accountability, and the gift of connecting with your fellow masterminders (to whom I refer as elevators!)

Pre-recorded modules including topics on boundaries, emotional mastery, thought management, how to stop worrying, etc.

GUARANTEE:  If you commit to this work, you will have a new lens through which you look at the world. A lens of curiosity more than judging. A lens of possibility more than limits. A lens of self responsibility more than being at the mercy of any person or situation.

I am so ready to ELEVATE!

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Dipping my toe in the water

Today is your before.

Let's create your extraordinary after.

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